UK Good news thread


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I thought it would be nice to share good news that can often go missed in the general news (NOT Brexit related).
I'll start it off with a few news items that have been announced lately.

OneWeb moves satellite production to the UK injecting £2.3bn into space sector

Hitachi factory in County Durham lands role in £2bn HS2 train building deal

Norton Motorcycles back in Birmingham after 20 years

AstraZeneca unveils £1bn research lab in Cambridge


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Same birthday as my lad. 15 years ago, he arrived around lunchtime after a hell of a long night.
Both myself and the wife have been awake since 7am yesterday morning, it's been a hell of a long night yeah 🙃
Looking likely they are keeping her and the boy in tonight for observation, gonna be weird going home to an empty house what with our other children staying at their nannas.


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Thanks Muttley. Not afraid to say I cried my eyes out when he arrived. It's crazy what newborns can do to a man's soul.
He's definitely got a midfield enforcer look about him though. Potential future Boro number 8! 😎
Had to stop the car on the way back from hospital with both my two.
In floods and floods. Welling up now just typing this.
There's nothing, absolutely nothing, to compare.
Many many Congrats Randy.


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I think we're finally waking up to H2 and the O&G Majors look like they're getting their act together.
We are a nation of innovators and our O&G Industry is one of the best in the world in terms of invention and quality
We have fantastic Engineers who have been cast to the four corners of the world, people rely on us to deliver and we do.
Those skills are very much transferable to H2 plants and infrastructure.
The challenge now is get the workforce trained and translate the innovation into production.
And here at Teesside we have the opportunity to take the lead.


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Congrats mate. Have you chosen an appropriate name?

Bernie, Osvaldo, Wilf, Mogga perhaps?
We have. A fitting tribute to the baby boy himself and family members long since passed.

Thank you all for the kind words and 'likes'. It shows how even though we all may disagree with each other from time to time on here, we are all here because ultimately we are all a part of this special Boro family.

(Disclaimer, the previous paragraph may or may not be the result of Monster energy drinks overdose). 😎