Warmest May on record, apparently

13.5 degrees average across the UK - Jeez...where's that factor 30 ! :ROFLMAO:

Didn't feel like a particularly warm month, decent but no more than decent.
Barring the odd good day, I don’t see it but I don’t think we’ve been as lucky with the Weather in the North East.

It may have been warm on the charts but also very wet. It’s been on the wettest starts to Spring I can remember in a long while. I assume this may become the norm with Global Warming though. More interchangeable weather for a climate like ours.
We had relatively mild nights in May, so I guess all of that is factored in. Typically you can still get a few frosty nights in May but I can’t recall a single one.
I've got a canoe in the porch in case I have to paddle to the corner shop.
At least the rain means don't have to water the plants (y)