Wayne Rooney - showing integrity and class


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Doing well , but also has a v good help in liam Rosenior , they seem to gel very well togethter , & as said earlier Rooney has not held back on where the blame lies ....& its not SG


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I'd dispute he wasn't blessed with God given talent. At his peak (early-mid 20s) there was only Ronaldo and Messi better than him, he was incredible. I'm sure he worked hard too, but you don't get to the level of 3rd best player in the world without natural ability.

Ronaldinho was still knocking about when he was in his mid 20s.

Rooney was a great premier league player, on the international tournament scene he peaked in 2004. I believe he had is youthful exuberance coached out of him to be more disciplined on the pitch.