We didnt turn up. Like at Burnley

Steve Bee

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Another game with a half passionate crowd where we just rolled over after the penalty. Take off your big man who can hold it up, offer something on corners both ends,
Fanny around at the back with no change in game pattern.
Needed players to run at them but sat on bench til 80 odd minutes or not at all.
Poor management there today.
Showed left back can't defend and Howson can't run.
It was a big Derby to me and we treated it like a friendly.
Ok no penalty
No redcard
No goal.

The ref changed the game

Ok we weren’t brilliant I agree I don’t think we turned up either but make no mistake , sunlun won by a pen and us having 10 men.

That’s what changed that game.
For the first time under Carrick I thought we played with some fear and seemed much more hesitant with forward balls etc.

We didn't turn up despite the decision. If we had showed some of the attacking intent and character we showed in trying to get forward in the last 20 with ten men in the first half, we would have won the game.

Too little too late, needed to put a stamp on the game early on and impose our quality and control
I usually avoid this place after a defeat because some posters go way OTT with their hysterical nonsense and negativity and they do my head in. Mystic bumface predicted a 0-0. I guess that Mystic bumface got that wrong today. That's a shame. I'd have been very happy with a point and a clean sheet.
I’ve read a lot about how poor we were and that they were the better team. That’s not how I saw it. Thought it was a poor game, even between the teams (the half time stats show that) and then the ref dropped an absolute clanger which meant we took a bit of time to get going again. At 10 men we had a great spell and should have been given a pen.

Draw would have been a fair result.