What is Carrick’s problem with playing Forss up top

It's beginning to concern me that it may be a stubbornness thing with Carrick.

Is he scared that Forss will perform well there, and he'll be proven wrong for not playing him there? In fairness to Carrick he doesn't come across as somebody who has an ego and who would think like that, but it's becoming more and more baffling by the week.

I could understand him doing it when McGree was unavailable, as we were so short of options in those forward positions, but now that McGree is available I don't understand why he doesn't just play him wide right, move Azaz into the 10 role (his natural role) and try Forss up front. Greenwood is also much more effective playing wide left, it's where he's played most of the season, but now Carrick is stuck on this idea of playing him a striker.

Start Silvera on the right, play Deing in goal, Forrs as a 9, we win that game comfortably. Easy to say but I guess Carrick is trying to be loyal to Glover & Greenwood, who to be fair have done a job for him in the absence of others. Time to get real, play your best team Mr Carrick
Pointless getting excited by it all. Another game without a striker in the strikers position. Defence all over the place.
Some good balls across the box and no one near them. Legs twitching after the ball has gone past them. A striker would be throwing themselves at balls like that.
Absolute garbage from all of them the chairman and other suits ; the manager and the team.
13thplace and away to the probable champions next.
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