Which member of our current squad...


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Given how few long term players we have left, it's surely Tavernier and he's not even scored many.

Off the top of my head, I'd say he's managed 10-12.


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It's Tav with 13 goals plus one in that stupid Football Trophy U23 vs lower league thing. Just 10 league goals.

Wing has 12 league goals 14 in total but isn't registered with us for the season obvs.

It shows how badly our transition over the last couple of years has been handled and how we are still suffering from the excesses/failures of Monk.

It's pitiful really.

Career goals for Boro in the current squad:

Tav 14
Watmore 9
McNair 8
Howson 6

The rest have got 3 or less.


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We are seriously due a goal scoring hero, I think Slaven is the last player to break 50 goals for the club and he did that 34 years ago now!