Who is 100% English?

Had mine done recently

6% Irish
11% Scandinavian
83% Yorkshire.

So proud of my viking routes, looking for a winged helmet and a long boat. I am planning taking up plundering and pillaging but defintaely not r**e.

It helps explain my passion for Ikea meatballs and chips, if they only sold it with a Yorkshire pudding.
Good crime fighting tool though! A number of cold cases have been solved thanks to ancestry websites.
There was a TV documentary on that last year (USA - can't remember the doc name). They didn't even need the criminal's DNA as DNA from a relative's ancestry test was enough to focus the investigation.
Isn’t there a relatively high proportion of people that can link their ancestry back to Ghengis Khan?
Everyone in Asia basically. Given how long ago he was about and how many children he fathered it's statistically impossible not to be related to him if you have Asian blood. Same for Europeans and Charlemagne
Be a Chimera. 2 sets of DNA for one person. Depends on the sample site, either a place on the body like a gum swipe vs taken from Blood. This happens when initial twins , one doesn't progress as an early embryo and gets absorbed into the one doing well.
A lady in America almost had her kids taken away as the authorities were sure she was not their biological mother.
I guess it all depends on how far you go back.

In my view it’s cannot be possible to be 100% English French, Chinese or anything else for that matter. As the theory is we all come from the primordial ooze.

But does that then mean it’s not possible to be 10%/20%/30% of anything as really they don’t exist?
I've been reassured that the primordial ooze I came from is English
A while ago I got this DNA ancestry thing done, and it didn't surprise but I was a little bit all over Europe.
52% English and North Western Europe
28% Scottish
11% Irish
6% Swedish and Denmark
3% Norwegian

So it begs the question, all these gammons that don't like migrants coming over, we're all migrants one way or another, we wouldn't exist without it, begs the question, are these gammonheads 100% English?
we're all mongrels, especially the gammons
This un's mine...
I'm pretty much Anglo-Saxon, but the bottom ones point to maybe a bit of Roman Empire.

Absolutely love the revelation of Transylvania 🧛‍♂️

"Listen to them....children of the night. What music they make!"
Talking about DNA sites, there was a documentary (BBC I think) that followed a couple of people who had been born following an embryo transfer, whilst they traced their biological parents.
One girl had been transferred after her embryo had been in deep freeze for a few yrs.
The biological parents kept one of the same 'batch' themselves, so when they all met up the girl was introduced to her twin brother - who was 3 yrs older than her.

It did made me think that those sites have opened up a lot of stuff like this. The donors believed they were anonymous but if they register on a DNA site it might all come out.
One man was contacted by his 'son' and was a bit worried. He had 'sold' a lot of sperm when he was younger and at the time never thought any potential children could trace him.
Mostly British, but 5% German, French and Sardinian, apparently…

No one is completely English.