Why do russian billionaires


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Stinks to high hell.
Where do the Tories think those ruskies suddenly got all their money from?
Due dilligence my ****.


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Not all support the Government, though. The Evening Standard has been a 'Cameroon' propaganda sheet under Russian ownership.


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That well known Labour organ, The Times:

The Pandora papers …

Reveal the inner workings of a shadow economy in which wealthy autocrats, sometimes using money of unknown origin, can buy power and influence in the West. It is a process that strikes at the very heart of democracy and should shake up the British establishment which has made itself complicit in what some suspect is a Russian attempt to turn London and the Home Counties into a giant laundromat.
Liz Truss, the foreign secretary, suggested at the weekend her aim would be to build up “the freedom-loving pro-democracy grouping of countries ... so non-aligned countries aren’t pulled into the orbit of authoritarian regimes”. Ambitious words for an aspiring Global Britain but the country has put itself at the disposal of autocrats everywhere; a sprawling army of lawyers, financial fixers, property scouts and public relations advisers have erected a system that essentially sells secrecy to the super-rich. Through complex webs of shell companies and offshore tax havens, fortunes can be hidden. As long as Britain actively seeks these roles, no strongman in Russia or central Asia need worry overmuch about being accountable to his citizens.


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Fund the tory party so much ?
What do they hope to get in return I wonder ?
Sadly I think rich folk try to line the pockets of any flavour of government, in order to gain favours. Happened during Blair's time too. We just usually have a Tory government... I wouldn't argue that the Tories are probably more sleazy and more used to it though!


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One of the main reasons - if not THE main reason - that the Tories supported Brexit was because the UK financial position would otherwise have to become aligned with that of the EC ie regulation and closure of loopholes, tax havens etc

Without EC regulation leaves the Tories and their mates in the City to do what they want and if that means dodgy investment with dirty money then so be it. They make money out of it, a LOT of money, simple as that.