I've copied and pasted the piece below from a previous thread on Wilf: -

I lived back to back with Mannion and the house he was going into was on Queens Street.

I've mentioned before on here how he would go to the bookies on Redcar Rd and on passing us (playing football) would take the ball off us and boot it up the road to chase. We used to think he was some old gadgy spoiling our game. When we finished playing, we would walk up to Heageny's shop and look at Mannion's trophies and England caps in the shop window and wish we could be like him. We never once thought the old gadgy spoiling our game and the England international were the same person.

Also in the clip, it shows the queen opening his pub. When he met the queen Mannion was having trouble with his feet and couldn't get his shoes on and wore a pair of carpet slippers. There used to be a photo in The Tiger of him shaking hands with the queen, I had looked at this picture on numerous occasions and never once noticed the slippers until he pointed it out one night.

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There is precious little footage of him playing. You might find a few seconds of an England match where he provides an assist for Finney.