Words and phrases that changed in 2020


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We don’t wanna be going in ‘tier 3’ had a slightly different meaning! I was saying that when we had Woodgate in charge before the pandemic!


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'PJ and Duncan' was an apt description of some people's work from home break times.
'I'm not touching that without gloves' was reserved for more than scabby and pusy bits.


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Barnard Castle has been known to us for years as a nice market town in Teesdale

Now it's known by the whole country simply as Dominic Cummings' family home


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Not so much as a word or a phrase, but more of an understanding as to how life is so fragile, even in our cosseted Ivory towers. Additionally how key to our well-being our public services are as well as some private sector businesses like the supermarkets. I have never expressed my gratitude to so many key workers as I have this year, and I will continue to do so now, always.

In terms of words, the words ‘selfish’ & ‘ignorant’ are up there as being far more prevalent, but more importantly, the phrase ‘thank you’ is far more commonly used too