Yorkshire Dales


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Crikey, aen’t we spoilt.

One of the things I’ve really missed since moving away was my regular trips for a day into the Dales.
We are now on day 2 of a 3 night break up here and its been fantastic. Done the usual - Redmire Falls, Aysgarth Falls, part of the Penine Way to Tan Hill.

Also re lived a bit of my youth with a walk round the Swale in Keld. Managed to track down a waterfall from a visit 50 years ago.
It’s now at the back of private land with an old house and lots of Yurts. There is no right of way so I knocked on the door of the house and the owner was happy to let me walk through.

The falls are special because, in the summer, you can swim under them and sit at the back watching the water falling in front of you.
It’s dead cool to do it when you take people for the first time. Of course, you don’t mention your little secret….. but timing is all. Don’e leave it too late to show yourself.

Today has just ended with a fab rainbow near Masham where we are staying.
Time for a pint
I was in Wensleydale yesterday (actually into Garsdale in Cumbria) and was entertained by a low level fly by of two F35s (USAF I guess?)

On the way back stopped off in Hawes and bought my self a lovely chunk of "Special Reserve" Wensleydale cheese and a small-ish Fruitcake from the Creamery Shop. I could spend a fortune in there! I also stopped in Askrigg and bought some bottles of ale (probably destined for tomorrow's music and beer post) from the Brewery in the old station.

I just needed some time alone so took the dog and a packed lunch and visited some favourite haunts from my childhood. There is nowhere on this planet that I'd rather be.