There's a quote that gets attributed to Einstein that he probably never actually said, but maybe helpful to you Andy. "If you can't explain something succinctly, you don't really understand it."

Trim your essays down. That might make them more consistent and avoid all the make-believe.
Your other main argument as to why Starmer had to abandon his pledges is BECAUSE Corbyn lost. You've equated that with the poitical argument being lost despite also posting that it was Corbyn, the person, that was the problem. Again, logically inconsistent.
And that would suggest that he made his pledges before Corbyn lost and before he was leader.
the centrists/right wing of the labour party are in the throes of snatching a parliamentary defeat from the jaws of a much need victory, that the people on these islands richly deserve.

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absolutely scandalous.

you cant condemn what the tories do (to corbyn for example with mis-truths & smears) and then be accepting of this absolute non-sense off the labour party - sunak wasnt even an MP when those figures started being added up, its a very wrong campaign by labour (in my humble opinion).

Nice to see Labour attacking tories rather than their own members for a change but what a weird angle for Starmer to take. He'll have been DPP during these same cases he's blaming Sunak for won't he? And the tories have already tried to pin Jimmy Saville on him before. Hard to imagine this doesn't just lose support for both parties.

I really wonder what the turnout will be like next election. It feels like it'll be low but as I always read on here that the centrists are beloved I'm sort of expecting to be surprised.
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And that would suggest that he made his pledges before Corbyn lost and before he was leader.
Don't complicate the issue :ROFLMAO:

The pivot away from the pledges coincided with Starmer moving away from Remain (or Rejoin as it probably was by then).

He had to distance himself from the Labour loss (having been the man responsible for the Remain stance) and so the lie that it was Corbyn's policies that caused the loss was born.