Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

“We’re just talking aboot the meaning of life Oz.”

“Oh aye I give that a lotta thought like. After all, I’m a bricklayer”.
Oz: I know a way...foolproof
Dennis: What?
Oz: Amputation
Oz: nah, cash in on it man...industrial accident, compensation. Set yourself up for life.
Dennis: What you talking about?
Oz: well, he's working as a chippy right? But he's not a chippy, so he doesn't know his way around.
Dennis: so?
Oz: so you know that circular saw...
(Nev hoys a boot at Oz)
Oz: cannat tek a joke ye's lot
A bit of Auf trivia.
After the hut burnt down, the set at Elstree was cleared and reused for the Eastenders set.
And the other pub in the Eastenders early days was called The Dagmar....named for Dennis's German girlfriend who worked in the site office played by Brigitte Kahn.
Thats brilliant i didnt know that!
I was working at the Marine Fire Station right next to the Transporter, when they were filming in the area. One afternoon filming was taking place in the old SLP yard on the North side of the river. Me and a mate got a set of binoculars and a megaphone from the fireboat. We looked to see when they started filming and then shouted over "stop stealing our bridge you thieving Geordie bas****s" and other similar endearments. The Director and the crew had to stop filming and were looking round to try to find where the noise was coming from. They never did work it out. It was a lot of fun at the time.

A few months later a colleague from Tyne & Wear Brigade asked me if the Bridge had finished being moved, Geordies eh!
The Sunderland-Standard Liege thing seems absolutely mental. They all wear Magpie merchandise on site, then they refer to Sunderland as “we” and even talk about Sunderland supporters as Geordies.

These are not naive southern writers and actors who have no idea about the north east either.

I know times have changed, but surely this was quite weird even for 1983?
Finished the whole thing again now. I'd seen series 3-5 before and, in retrospect, none of those hold a candle to series 1 and in fact a lot of the latter stuff is quite daft in comparison. I really enjoyed watching that one and even series 2 for the first time.

But when Nev, Dennis and Oz set off for Germany again in the closing scene of the Laos specials, while "Breakin' Away" played over the credits, I must admit I shed a tear or two. I've thoroughly enjoyed watching it all back and I'd be lying if I said I hadn't considered becoming a brickie at least a couple of times over the last 2-3 months. :ROFLMAO: