Billingham Town v Guisborough


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I was at the Synners game last night. It wasn't the best and is still strange having a Billingham team not playing in the town. I hope Billingham Town win.


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0-0 for Billingham v Guisborough

Wish Thornaby v West Auckland was like this as the world cup winners brushed Thornaby aside in 1st half to be 5-0 up. They then declared and that is how it finished - some way to lose 1st league game of season😱


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A tight game at Billingham Town between two struggling sides. The Guisborough keeper made one superb save from Harry Close.

With injuries Town ended the game with a very young forward line but they did the club proud. Their debut keeper, Norton, had an excellent start, commanding the box and prompting the defence.

A fair result overall.