Black Friday suggestions


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I am turning to the good folks of this board (as well as the many nutters who frequent these hallowed halls) for suggestions and guidance.

What piece of Black Friday discounted cack should I not be without?


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Marketing bullsh1t that now seems to be called Black Friday Week or Black Friday Fortnight.

Nicely fills the gap between Hallowe'en, Bonfire Week, Poppymas and opening your chocolates and booze Advent calendar.


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I bought an echo dot (4th gen) for £28.99. They look better than the old ones. That's it so far.

I think its all a bit of a swizz. I read that the large number of black Friday products have been sold cheaper during the year with various retailers. The majority of things I've held out for hoping for a reduction haven't been reduced.

The GF has an eye on a new washing machine. I said I'd buy it for her for Xmas😂

I'm sure some legitimate bargains to be had.


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When I worked in Safeway back in the day we used to be one of the stores that had to sell the ‘When it’s gone, it gone’ stuff at full price (as per the has been on sale at higher for 28 days). It’s all just a con but no doubt I’ll have a few too many on Friday and wake up on Saturday with another pair of wireless ear buds or a waffle maker to go alongside my hangover