Boro pull out of Larsen deal


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How much of the transfer fee does the player get? Is it 10%? The player waives that right if they put in a transfer request. So if we are €2m apart, over half that could be covered if he puts in transfer request and the Dutch club keep more of the fee.

He could then ask for more in wages from us.

Or we could just say, that’s your lot, he’ll leave for free in two years or significantly less than our offer in the intervening period. And probably be unhappy and cack.

Move on

Jonny Ingbar

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The pull out method never works....its fraught with danger jonny.😊 I also don't belive we have pulled out...i think he's coming and our campaign will start in ernest on 1st September very very regrettably mate
Loads of work already gone into this one, players been here, agreed personal terms, recently spoke publicly about his frustration at not being allowed to move....

It's odds on he'll be here by the end of the window.


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£9m on what would basically be another project is an awful lot of money for us. He’s never played in this league, it’s a big step up for him in reality. Could just as easily be another major flop as a success. There are other options here that are proven here for the same price or less. Jakobson or Weiman at Bristol for example would almost certainly get you 15-20 goals, granted Weiman is 30 but if he helped us out of this league it would be money well spent


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I can only hope and pray that we have done some serious research on this lad at 9-11mil.

I'm stunned we are throwing that kind of money at a player in a pretty poor league. We can't afford to be stuck with another dud on a 4 year big deal

If he's a 5-10 goal a season man then we've done our money.... Again. We never get signing a forward right. So sorry if I'm. Hardly excited at spending such a large amount on one.

The Hoppe and Forss are slightly different st a couple of mil. This could be 10 or more.


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To be honest I don't care anymore - will just look at who is here before every game, and the full list after the window closes. Then it all starts again in January.....


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It's becoming a very tiresome transfer window, cleared the decks really well but struggling to date for the right replacements.
We could be well behind come September....


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I saw 9m Euros quoted not pounds. About £7.6m. Like Larsen says its a high offer and higher than Bologna offered.

Tav went for £10m plus £2.5m, by as said has been first team in the English Championship for three full years which is probably slightly higher standard than the Dutch League. Opposed to one year for Larsen. Tav was seen as a top Championship player by the media.

If Groningen don't want to sell thats their choice, but we would be silly in my view going higher and I don't think anyone one else will offer more at this stage of his career.


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It's going to be a massive transfer deadline night as we secure numbers 9, 10, 4, 5 & 11 who are all improvements on anything we have already for fees of around £2.5M or less each (or on loan) preferably with records of Championship or Premiership experience. So far we've signed 3 first team regulars and we're being told that another five are in the pipeline. Otherwise why would CW suggest that those shirts are reserved specifically for incomings (which I must assume are) superior to our current squad? We've already learned that Hoppe is a project. Board opinion seems to be against Strand Larson and Armstrong to be unaffordable. Meanwhile Choudhury has been snapped up on loan by Watford. Going well isn't it? Still - Wilder appears supremely confident on the surface so I'm sure we are going to be amazed with the end result.