Boupendza (sp)the mystery striker?


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Middlesbrough have been assured that Aaron Boupendza would consider a move to the Championship if the financial package was right

Translated, if they pay me a ton of money.


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Sometimes money just isn't an obstacle when you want to achieve something.
We've been wanting more bang for our buck and in the signings we're making I think we'll get it.
If this guy comes in, Warnock will have potentially the most feared striker in the league. After having 3 donkeys up top last season, it'd be so nice to know opposition defences are panicking about our forward line.
Do what it takes to get it done


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I’d love it it all to be reflected in season ticket sales .
Imagine Muniz playing at Fulham all season then seeing our potential crowd giving him a ‘welcome’ . Although I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t move this window


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Would be an exciting signing that's for sure! I'd imagine the finical package we'd be dangling infront of him would be making him our top current earner plus a huge increase should we get promoted. It's a great opportunity for him and the Boro I think. Fingers crossed we can get this one across the line.