Can we catch Sheff Utd?

They play 8 of the top 10 in their next ten matches. Could easily find themselves dropping points here and there. We just need to focus on ourselves and keep the wins coming.
Looking at that fixture list it's not an easy run of games. Also in the cup also they will beat Wrexham and have a home tie against an average spurs team. They could easily beat spurs and be in the later stages of an fa cup with some very poor teams left.
Irrespective of how well we do, I just can't see them going on a sustained bad run
They are not invincible they couldn't beat Rotherham they have the potential of an fa cup distraction as well. If we can get their lead down to 6 or 7 points then I think they will bottle it. However it would take a monumental run from us to have any chance I think we can only afford 1 more defeat and we would have to get 3 points at sheff utd and beat west brom or Burnley as well.
Not impossible, but unlikely. We need to just stay consistent until end of season. They would need to collapse. Anything less than three points at bramell lane and it's game over for that dream.

Would be a legendry end to the season if we even came close I reckon.
That's what I think too. Ten points ahead with a game in hand. It's a lot.

Just have to win our games and see...
No chance unfortunately, we would need to beat them away and win almost every game we have left

They look shocking every time I have seen them play, it’s so frustrating that if it wasn’t for our poor start we likely would be second but I think it’s too late for us
Rather we were looking upwards and maintaining the chase than looking behind us and trying to stay in the play offs...we are aiming for Sheffield utd until the last day of the season....
Every week we win and they draw, plus beating them too,
absolutely we can,
I’m guessing that’s going to be part of Michael Carricks pre match team talk.
If we win at theirs, I think it's game on.

It's easier to chase than it is to be chased; I do think winning there would get inside their heads. This isn't saying that I wouldn't swap places with them now if offered, but if were in their position now, I don't think anyone would feel it was job done. Remind me what our lead was in the AK promotion seasons?

I don't think they have to go on a "bad run" to be caught. A run of playoff form, along with sustained good form by ourselves, and it can be done.

However, the advantage is clearly theirs. Let's see if we can win there, then see
It's obviously very unlikely but IF we win at their place and can close the gap to something like 6 or 7 points fairly quickly, then pressure might just start to tell.

As said above, it's sometimes easier to chase than be chased. We have nothing to lose on that front. Whereas on some level it's probably fair to say a few of their players are pretty much already planning what to spend their promotion bonus on.

They're not expecting a battle for automatic, so if you can draw them into one it's going to be a hell of a mindset change for them. Suddenly every game becomes a bit more of a nervy affair for them.