Can we catch Sheff Utd?

Not impossible, but unlikely. We need to just stay consistent until end of season. They would need to collapse. Anything less than three points at bramell lane and it's game over for that dream.

Would be a legendry end to the season if we even came close I reckon.
Luron could have a say. Winning at sheff utd is key though. Yes it cannbe done IF we continue our form
It would be a huge ask. Although we got 2 points back on them today they still have a game in hand so could be 13 points to claw back. It would require both that we maintain our excellent run and they have something of a collapse in form so overall still unlikely. As said we would have to beat them at Bramall Lane for sure.
No I don't think we will, but we can and will beat anyone around us in the playoffs, we are getting better and better, and no one will want to play us. UTFB
until its mathematically impossible then we have a chance... and I believe we can.

they are going to have a lot of games building up and they dont have much depth... they will start dropping points like this more and more
Can't see it......but stranger things have happened. Got to believe we can and keep playing as we are.

Tbh, as already stated I'm just happy where we are after Wilders disastrous start to the season. Playoff's would be a monumental achievement.

Keep playing as we are, would anyone fancy playing us in the playoffs?
We have to win the next 2 games to have any chance and thats at least a 6/1 shot.

I would say its around 7% chance to get second.