Cat amongst the pigeons - JonJo Shelvey

He played 8 games last season according to Wiki and I suspect as he is 31 he will still want close to EPL wages - £40k a week? So its a no from me. I did say we need a bit more experience but they need to be fit and probably mid to late 20s.
He wants to be back up further North, his family didn’t move down to Nottingham with him apparently.
Not a great distance between Newcastle and Nottingham. Probably do it in three hours on a good day.
I just don’t think Barlaser fits into our plan so Shelvy while probably an upgrade on Barlaser wouldn’t give us what we want and that is a box to box midfielder who gives us a fee kick threat and who can pass the ball. I’d sooner bring back Mowatt over keeping Barlaser or buying Shelvy, who has an injury record as long as your arm.