Hiyaaaa from ward 4

Soooooo....Arthur has been officially evicted. Had to stay in overnight as was pm operation. Laid here and feel fine but know the meds and numbness are to wear off....but so far so good!!
Get better soon mate!! All those lovely nurses attending to you— wow I’m so jealous!! lol 😆
That’s good news to hear.

My mate has been getting treatment for throat cancer and had the camera up his nose and throat today and was told he had as all clear. He’s got a PET scan next week and the consultant his confident nothing will show.

We just need to get you through this now.
Stay strong and feel the love from everyone on FMTTM.
That's good news as well.
Good stuff 👍

Wishing you all the best in your recovery. Staying positive will help you massively - you've got this 👊
Up yours Arthur!

Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery Legz
PS, the mince dinners were okay when I was in last November. 😋
Well done Girl, hope your recovery goes well. Get a request on hospital radio for Arthur’s Theme and have a good laugh! x
It's what me and the daughter named the cancer as was sick of saying that all the time and seeing the colour draining out of people's faces...plus it's always u blokes causing the problems 🤣🤣🤣
Reminds me of the old bloke off Eastenders when i used to watch it with my mam when i was little. He was a right miserable get too.
All the best.