House burgled, van stolen.


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Early hours of morning, van gone, electric bike, trail cams and binocs. Van keys were in kitchen. Self employed so it will take a week or two to sort a new van and kit it out. So no wages.
Cctv from the area showing 3 lads with hoodies and faces covered .
Reported to police at 7 this morning CID are coming tomorrow lunchtime FFS
Sick of scumbags.
Feel totally gutted that someone has been in my house when I am upstairs in bed.
Will prob have to fight for my insurance too ☹
I have a VW T5 camper and always reverse it to the garage door and park the other car in front of it. Whatever you do the little fookers will do something out of jealousy.
Such a shame, I lived on Fairfield Av 30 years ago, when I was a youngster. We were attempted to be burgled at least once I can remember
You don’t realise how much it affects someone until it happens. I’m paranoid almost to the point of OCD about locking doors and have kept my phone and keys in the bedroom overnight since we were burgled in my teens and my trusty Nokia 3210 was taken.