House burgled, van stolen.

Hopefully police get cctv of the van getting parked up. See where the scrotes went. Hopefully straight home
Vans back home. Thank you. Had to go down myself as police were taking too long to get back to me.
Pleased to hear this, butvthe police? Pfft.
Last weekend my sister in law and her family had unwelcome overnight visitors caught on their cctv.
They were trying to getbto her sons motorbike which he uses for work. They gave up after a while. Reported to police. Might as well as rang Macdonalds
Next night her fella gets up during the night, hears them trying to get over the fence, he puts the light on and cctv shows about 6 of them scarper.
An hour later her 1 year old sons bedroom window goes through. Same lads ( sorry I kean shthouses)
The police's solution?
Move rhe motorbike, leave the garage door unlocked so if they get in they think the bike has gone.
Let’s hope the thieves are caught soon and given a hefty fine that they won’t pay, so they’ll go back to court to be given community service that they won’t carry out, eventually they will be back to court to be sentenced to a few weeks in prison for none payment of the original fine, and then us the taxpayer will pay for that 👍🏻