It's Snowmageddon


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What the bloody hell is going on with the weather 😮
A few days ago I was walking around Saltburn in my shorts and t shirt 😎
Now it's snow/sleet/hail 🥶
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I played golf on friday in shorts and a polo. Played today in waterproofs, wooly hat, mits, snood etc. Bizarre.
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It's not snowing but it's absolutely baltic in Cornwall. Just my luck while I'm sat all day in a shipping container that's doing a brilliant impression of a walk-in freezer.
Smattering in York as I awoke 10 mins ago. On grass, cars, roofs but nothing on paths or roads. Gone by p.m. today I would think. So no big deal. But snow trying again now.


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Thunder and lightning in Boro with massive hailstones mixed in with snow last night...a good covering this morning..
Thanks 👍