Jones getting pelters on the radio after the game


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I don't often listen (certainly not after we've lost as it is just frothers ranting about everything and nothing) but listened as I was driving home. Couldn't understand when several callers/texters/numpties had to have a pop at Jones. Why?

Yes, he didn't have a particularly influential game but Wigan were doubling up on him through the match. I didn't think he did anything particularly badly (or good TBF). Some people just can't celebrate a good win without a whinge about something.
Anyone wonder why he is picked out by the opposition every game we play?
Its because he is a constant threat.
Hes changing his role in the team under our expert coaches - so give the lad some space and watch him improve.
Anyone who thinks he should go or he is not good enough - needs to put what brain they have - back inside their skull.
Weaknesses in specific players when the team has played well is something that only REALLY discerning, SUPER knowledgeable football afficianados can see and must comment on. The type of fans that would be raking in the dosh from football if only those IN football weren’t also all so stupid and inferior. Us mere mortals are wasting our time trying to understand these Gods of the sport.
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He’s a space creator, he’s a massive threat with his trickery and pace. He’s up and down the pitch like a greyhound. If he could cross a ball he would be playing in the premier league.
As a Greyhound Puppy dad, I can assure you, Oreo the dog would enilate Jones in a foot race back and forth and whip a dangerous ball in!

In all seriousness I'm a big fan of Jones, no complaints from me!
He lost the ball cheaply a few times but never in particularly dangerous positions. The fact he's trying to be creative makes that a non-issue for me.

Plus, he more than made up for those errors with a couple of super chases out from defence to prevent Wigan building pressure in the second half.

Definitely seen as a threat by opposition managers.
Loving the win and team performance today.
But Jones is going through a very tough spell.
Quite surprised so few posters picking up on this?
I'm hoping we bring some competition into that position on the right hand so Jones can get back to his best.