Simon Clarke “Britain has lived in a fools paradise for too long, and must now reduce spending”


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12 + years!

Blame the Ukraine,
the Russians
The "Media"
Left wing Journalists
James O`brien
Militant unions
Mick Lynch
Dole Scroungers
Poor people
Disabled People
Those with mental health issues
Greedy Nurses and Doctors
Greedy Traffic wardens
Care workers
The Elderly
The EU
Lorry Drivers
Foreign cheese makers
The Irish
Greedy Councils
Extinction Rebellion
Jeremy Corbyn

......and anybody they can pin a label on to justify their rotten economic system.(n)
You forgot to mention Sean Dyche 😉
But apart from that 100% spot on. Like Hitler did in pre war Germany, and most governments for that matter, blame anybody for the countries woes, except the people who run, or have ran the country in the past I.e. the government.


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A Fool's Paradise that you happily said nothing against for the last 5 years, a paradise where the greed of the rich is prioritised over the hunger of our children, a paradise where thousands of pensioners will go cold because they can't afford to heat their homes, a paradise of rising crime, increased national debt and polluted seas.

He exemplars the very worst of the lickspittle raft of Tory MP's, a vacuous rent-a-gob prepared to peddle any pre-prepared statement that suits the current needs, without a single original thought or idea in his head, one can only assume his height has led to some oxygen deficiency that gives the ability to parrot but the inability to think.

The one thing that I thought he may have stood for was greener energy, he was at the forefront of Conservative campaigns to migrate more of our output to renewables and away from fossil fuels, how does an outspoken critic of fracking defend a PM that has reneged on everything he promised us he believed in ?

A man without principle is not a man at all, a defender of wrongs, a breaker of promises, an evader of questions and a teller of lies, is this really how low we've fallen in British politics that Clarke is viewed as a talent by his party ?

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He was ignoring his constituents emails, mine included, whilst he spent all day defending Boris Johnsons behaviour on different tv programmes. The sooner this man is voted out the better. The whole motley crew are a rich and detached shambles for the ordinary man and woman. God forbid they will ever be elected again.


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Don’t forget these are people who don’t rely on public services as they are comfortably off and believe that if you aren’t comfortably off it’s your own fault for not working hard enough!


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I always get annoyed when they go on about how much is spent on the welfare state and making out it is just for 'undeserving' people. Very nearly half of the welfare state is spent on the state pension. Are they going to cut this part as if not then the rest of it is going to be hacked.

Now I in no way want them to cut pensions but the impression they try to give is that just scroungers will suffer and it is not true.

It is a very glib and dangerous thing to say by Clarke.


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Ahhh the caring Tories.....showing their true colours at last. Levelling up my a%%e. Can't believe that people actually believed them.