Simon Clarke “Britain has lived in a fools paradise for too long, and must now reduce spending”


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The scary thing about this comment is that it isn't made in a vacuum, this is what Truss and her Cabinet think, it's what they talk about, it's their justification to themselves.

In their mind only the rich can drive growth and the anchor to growth is the welfare state.

They can't understand why if someone is low paid, they don't work 70 hours a week. They can't understand why someone would *choose* to give up work to care for a loved one and they definitely can't contemplate why someone who can't work would claim benefits.

Middlesbrough has one of the highest rates of poverty in the UK and under this government and it's own MP, they would happily ask it's people to have even less so a few could have a little bit more that they don't need.


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12 + years!

Blame the Ukraine,
the Russians
The "Media"
Left wing Journalists
James O`brien
Militant unions
Mick Lynch
Dole Scroungers
Poor people
Disabled People
Those with mental health issues
Greedy Nurses and Doctors
Greedy Traffic wardens
Care workers
The Elderly
The EU
Lorry Drivers
Foreign cheese makers
The Irish
Greedy Councils
Extinction Rebellion
Jeremy Corbyn

......and anybody they can pin a label on to justify their rotten economic system.(n)


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He’s a liar. Plain and simple. He’s lying, we know he’s lying, he knows we know he’s lying. But he does it anyway because there’s never any consequences. He’s received donations from some very questionable people. He’s a scumbag. That these people can just continue behaving like this, lying and shredding the country’s infrastructure and filling their own pockets and creaming their expenses, it’s just absolutely disgraceful.


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Just have to hope there are more people who see through his veneer of "respectability" (🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️) than those who read the Daily Mail and are happy to be brainwashed into thinking that it's the welfare state, immigrants etc that are dragging the country down.


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I remember meeting him as a young university student having to interview him, and recalling at the time how cold his handshake was.

This was when he was running for MP during the 2015 election.


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Amazing really he has come from nowhere to be top of my Tory Hate Parade in no time at all.

I cannot even stand to see the sight of his smug face on TV.

Just read what he said this morning its incredible that he could come out with that statement.


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He's only saying what most Tory voters, be they shy or not, believe.
I'd be putting too much strain on the swear filter and risking legal issues if I actually said what id like to do to these absolute scumbags and those that have enabled them for the past 12 years.
If anybody supports them and another round of austerity on the back of this mini budget then I'd seriously suggest they need either a lesson in humanity or a good fecking slap.


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Reduce spending after what they wasted during covid and are wasting now. They have shown in recent years that once our economy gets back on track there is an abundance of money which can be spent on welfare and other social spending.

And in a side note proportional representation needs to happen.


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“ Trimming the fat” How about setting an example and start by. ending the massively subsidised food and drink in the HoC, first class rail travel, and getting a good accountancy firm to take a forensic look at all MPs expenses etc. Sure a few savings could be made there? Every little helps.


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I remember back to the start of the leadership campaign a few months ago I quickly became sick of Tory members saying that the field of candidates showed how much talent there was within the parliamentary party.

I think the whole world can see how poorly judged those comments were now.


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I remember back to the start of the leadership campaign a few months ago I quickly became sick of Tory members saying that the field of candidates showed how much talent there was within the parliamentary party.

I think the whole world can see how poorly judged those comments were now.
I disagree - people could easily see the lack of talent.....


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I imagine he will be cutting the bloated £78/week that people receive on Jobseekers Allowance or taking disability benefits off anyone that can walk 10 metres to give money to those on £150k per year, who if you believed the rhetoric were almost the only people who kept the country going.


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A Fool's Paradise that you happily said nothing against for the last 5 years, a paradise where the greed of the rich is prioritised over the hunger of our children, a paradise where thousands of pensioners will go cold because they can't afford to heat their homes, a paradise of rising crime, increased national debt and polluted seas.

He exemplars the very worst of the lickspittle raft of Tory MP's, a vacuous rent-a-gob prepared to peddle any pre-prepared statement that suits the current needs, without a single original thought or idea in his head, one can only assume his height has led to some oxygen deficiency that gives the ability to parrot but the inability to think.

The one thing that I thought he may have stood for was greener energy, he was at the forefront of Conservative campaigns to migrate more of our output to renewables and away from fossil fuels, how does an outspoken critic of fracking defend a PM that has reneged on everything he promised us he believed in ?

A man without principle is not a man at all, a defender of wrongs, a breaker of promises, an evader of questions and a teller of lies, is this really how low we've fallen in British politics that Clarke is viewed as a talent by his party ?