Steffen: Keep or Dump?

We need a goalkeeper who has some of the qualities of Steffen that's for sure, but it's also fair to say that many of the keepers who are coming through the academies are very much in the new vein of keepers skills, ie. ball distribution. I quite the idea of bringing in a keeper such as Randolph, who at 36 probably will be released by WHU in some capacity.
Ethan Horvath gone back to forest after loan at Luton .
Kept 20 clean sheets , age 28 h1.95m loan or buy £1.5m

Ben Wilson Coventry keeper age 30 h1.85malso kept 20 clean sheets .
Local lad from Stanley , could be worth an offer of £2m ?
Outstanding and for me our number one name on the starting 11. Sadly we won’t be on a position to afford him but anybody else is a step down as Steffen started so many of our successful attacking moves. Massively underrated by the fans in my humble opinion. Also, one of the most impressive responses to the fans following our pathetic play off loss.
But does he make saves?
Might get another season on loan with a fee agreed at the end of the season IF we go up. That gives the player some security and city. It means we don’t have a keeper next season if we fall short but can get some consistency going into next season which is very important I think. Having to coach the system into a new keeper takes time and we need to be at it from the off.