* The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Barnsley Carabao Cup Match Thread *


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The manner was dissappointing, we were controlling the game second half, without looking like scoring. We certainly didnt look like conceding though.


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Oh well chuffed I didn't bother going now.
Had bad vibes about tonight.
Well done those that did mind.

Stupid long transfer window to blame......we won't know our proper team until 1st Sept :mad:


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That’s poor. Feel like a bit of a drama queen but really hope we can kick start the season soon or else it could quickly turn sour for Wilder. Maybe I’ll be a bit more pragmatic in the morning!


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Well done Gibbo, this is a truly amazing squad that you've had built and a truly amazing start to the season. It makes it all worthwhile losing Tav without a replacement and coining in the transfer fees while paying f*ck all out.

Different season, same crap. How long before Wilder walks?