Turning a bit toxic at Elland Road

Can’t bielsa defend as all this that’s bielsa way etc is madness surely a decent manager can at least try to defend
The sad reality of the PL.
Even mid-table teams can destroy you if you can't defend properly.
As much as I admire Bielsas desire to play this way, he needs to be a bit more pragmatic and accept that the injuries are severely weakening his side.
I'm not having it...

'they lose in style' and 'give it a go' 😂

All that drivel from sky and talksport last season. I've noticed the media loving has all but disappeared.

Yes they have injuries to key players. Yet a coach should be able to at the very least tighten things up. It's absolutel madness to just keep playing the same way every week.
How can Leeds fans be happy with this they are absolutely hopeless at the back could be 4.

Once bielsa goes these are screwed as no one plays like this.
Balsa's days are certainly numbered. It is either naive tactics, football suicide or the manager is unable to communicate what he expects of the players. Whatever it is they are not doing it.
one good thing to come out of this game is it gives spurs a false postive before they face us i was hoping forthis to happen.