When did the “home end” officially change?


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Felt right attacking the North 2nd half yesterday. Don't like that we've suddenly changed ends. Surely it's a Wilder decision?
It's a player decision, happened under Warnock as well.

The last 2 games they've came and set up in the South stand before the game.

Said for an age they should attack the South in the second half and this season they decided it was what they wanted to do!


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Ever since the Red Faction moved from the South East Corner to the South Stand. Not long after the whole ‘sit down don’t sing’ letter from the club if I remember correctly.


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While I agree the red faction create a great atmosphere I just think it's wrong we've changed ends. How can we just suddenly do this after 25+ years of running out to the North Stand?
You always want to attack towards the end with the best atmosphere in the second half. No point in attacking to a stand thats usually half empty and silent every week just because its what we have always done


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Who cares.
We can always go back to an empty South Stand behind the goal to accommodate the usual pram-load of away fans?
Anyway - the North Stand cant sing or make flags and banners.(n)
South standers even get the West Stand to rattle their jewelry and shake their hip flasks;):love:

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Had the North not lost what it used to have, things wouldn’t have changed.
The North only lost what it had because people wanting to be 'a part of the atmosphere' moved in and just sat around expecting other people to make it happen.

What do we do in ten years when the same thing happens in the South - and it will - do we revert back to the North when enough youngsters get sick of it and decide to move en-masse again?

I'm guessing it worked better in the past when Season Tickets weren't as prevelant (before the Riverside) but we don't help ourselves as a club by re-forging our identity every five minutes.


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but we don't help ourselves as a club by re-forging our identity every five minutes.
I think the wording of 're-forging our identity every five minutes' is way too strong a statement for the more vocal, sing song, younger fans changing stands once in a 25 year period FFS.

Is the South Stand now generating more atmosphere than the North Stand ever did? It's a massive yes for me.

Is that a problem? It's a massive no from me.

If people in the North Stand have a huge issue with it, stand up and start singing?


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No comparison between the North and South Stands. All of the atmosphere in all of the games at the Riverside comes from the South Stand.
b***ks. Tell u what, I'll get a tambourine and triangle for the next match. For the the North Stand. The North Stand (home stand) Ali Brownlee stand. Will always be the home end.


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They wanted to be able to create an atmosphere like yesterday. I seem to remember lots of discussion about it on the previous board. I think it was Red Faction that got the club to agree with moving away fans too. The thinking was put Red Faction side by side with away fans and an atmosphere is created.
Yes, like sharing a bag of wine gums and wanting to fight the world