Where would Celtic finish in the Premier League?

With their current squad they'd be scrapping with Sheff Utd for the bottom spot. In the long run they are nothing special as much as they think they are. There's no guarantee of success with more fans and teams like Bournemouth, Luton and Burnley have had prolonged spells in the PL because the TV money dwarfs anything that comes from elsewhere. Under FFP rules they'd never be able to catch up to the top teams and without FFP rules then they'd be a long way behind richer clubs like City and Newcastle.
It's hard to compare because a lot of their league opponents are so poor. But looking at their recent record in Europe, its hardly inspiring. I think bottom half at best, but possibly in a relegation fight.
They would need to be parachuted in first as there's no way they'd be promoted on sporting merit.
They would finish below Boro in the championship with their current squad, 100% relegated in the prem.

They would have the same issues clubs outside London face in attracting players. Over time with prem money they would be challenging the west ham type clubs. I think that would be their ceiling unless they had a multi billionaire owner and no FFP to comply with.

It'll never happen though, Celtic and Rangers could really do with a euro middle league for them to join as they are too big for the Scottish pond.
Celtic and Rangers would struggle with their current squads but both would adapt to meet their needs. Both clubs would be a huge draw and attract a lot of interest from the media.

Hopefully, they are never given the chance.
15th to 20th at best.

I am not sure the argument of premier league money would lead to their success, after all it hasn't led to much success for the many teams promoted who get relegated after a couple of seasons.

a big fan base does not equal a "big" or successful team. just look up the road towards the SOL
Mid table at best. Celtic suffer from delusions of grandeur thinking they are a better club than they really. Yes, they have large crowds and support base but that's all. In Europe they invariably fail to qualify from the group every year.

They and Rangers are still stuck in the 18th century with their sectarian bigotry and I would hate them to bring this poison to our own league.
If there was a British league I suspect long term Rangers and Celtic would be right near the top. I also think Hearts/Hibs/Aberdeen would actually do better if it was a British league.

They have big cities to pull from.

I mentioned on a thread the other day that I am generally someone who does not like tradition and would love to see a re-drawing of leagues. In an ideal world to me we would completely start anew - each major city/town having a main team. With stupid historic rivalries (especially those based on religion forgotten). But I suspect I am the only person that wants this
Not with the current side, but I'd imagine they'd do very well as far as sponsorship goes and would soon be up there.
They'd eventually be up with the leading pack however initially they'd not get up to mid table.. relegation strugglers I'd imagine - we had two of the SPLs top scorers play for us - in the Championship - & they failed miserably to score..
Brendan Rodgers seems to think that Celtic would be a top 6 club.
Simple answer... how many of Celtic players could get in the top 6 teams, Man City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Villa, Spurs and Chelsea.... none of them!!!

Luton Burnley Nottm Forest Brentford and Everton would have all beaten them this season.