Wilder Rumours

I’m not for one minute doubting the rumours, but how does he apply for a manager’s job? Does he tell his agent to let them know he’d be interested or is he filling out an application form?
Find this very hard to believe. Surely Gibson would have fired him on the spot if he been applying for other jobs.
That’d make it easy for wilder to make the move. I can see gibbo making it as awkward as possible. If it’s true, of course…
It's an easy rumour to make up, let's be honest.

If he's that desperate to leave why not just resign? The pay off can't be worth that much surely? Plus I'd be surprised if Gibson would tolerate it. He sacked Monk for pretty much the same thing.

A lot have had it in for him since he didn't immediately declare his undying love for the club following the Burnley rumours.

Anything is possible I suppose, but sounds like a load of BS to made up to fit people's agendas against him for me.