YouGov Poll - 33 Point lead!

She's not wrong, but she's probably saying that to bring down the "traitors" that ousted her beloved Boris rather than a genuine belief that they need an election.
Well there's definitely a "bring back Boris" undercurrent to it (to say she's obsessed with him is an understatement) but didn't she back Truss for the leadership?

Thought it was Sunak she blamed for Boris's demise?
She obviously likes a big wardrobe, with the key still in the lock, frequently falling on her.
But her share of the vote hasn’t gone up so where that 1% went I’m not sure. Lose 1% per month and most of the country won’t be voting at all that is the conclusion then.

That 1% from the SNP can be split between the other parties but not enough to increase their percentage to round figures.