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BBC Sport had an article the other day on the demise of the All Blacks. I was half way through and stopped reading. They were always going to start winning again. They are just too good not to do that. Once the games are back in New Zealand I fully expect the Boks, Wallabies and Pumas to all be stuffed.
Cracking game this one

Nz v arg

18/19 to the argies just after ht

All blacks struggling here at home.
They are not the side they were are they

Make that 22/18 to the argies.
If Argentina manage to hold on and beat ABs here afraid Ian Foster is done! That'll be the last straw for All Blacks fans.

Well done to Michael Chieka for a massive overhaul of that Pumas team. Brilliant rugby they are playing. We have little discipline and morale looks low.
Another 2 Huge games this morning.

Especially for NZ how will the struggling all blacks bounce back after last weeks shock defeat in home soil to the ever improving pumas.
We haven’t given the Argentinians the honour of playing in the main rugby stadia in these two games. Last week was in Christchurch and tonight’s is in Hamilton.

Foster is one game away from the sack. In the past we would have expected a comfortable win. We now don’t expect a win at all.
That's it, the All Black aura has gone for now.

Sides are no longer beaten before stepping on the pitch against them.

No doubt it'll be back though eventually.
Starting now

Can Argentines really do it again

The pressure on the all blacks must be immense.
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Brutal this - 27/3

I suppose There’s no way nz we’re losing tonight

But the intensity from the off has been devastating
Unlike the 6 nations with Italy as a token whipping boy

The rugby championship really has got the balance right with Argentina really stepping up their results esp away from

It’s a fantastic tournament