Billy Eilish at Glastonbury

Watching Foals on Other Stage excellent. Gave BE a quick listen but although I know some of her stuff it wasn't for me so just like if I was there move on
The audience has woken up!! It has only taken the full set. Personally, in my opinion, the largest venue she should play is someone’s car.

The Wales flag was the brightest thing from tonight’s show.
Little Simz is blowing it away. She's lyrically very gifted, with a properly great band. And what an opening day it's been. The ladies have utterly torn the old Gallagher style bigotries apart. St Vincent, Wolf Alice. Phoebe Bridgers, TLC and apparently good closing acts (Remember how many people hated Radiohead?) Brilliant I think.
Like I said earlier, I gave her a go as I've enjoyed some of her singles, but found tonight very samey.....However, to be fair, for a 20 Yr old to headline Glastonbury, with that confidence, with just her brother and a drummer...well fair play to her
Such a lot of choice, including highlights - if you don't like something then choose something else.
I've skipped through a load of stuff - settled on Wolf Alice, St Vincent, Idles earlier, then some smaller tent stuff and later Foals.

Am I not entertained?
I'll be giving kendrick lamarr a miss on Sunday to..hoping iplayer will have pet shop boys on at the same time
I think it’s terrible. The majority of people I see praising her say ‘not my cup of tea but…’

If that’s the common denominator, its ****.
I'm actually laughing at this thread....I've become my parents when I was younger, totally slating the music i enjoyed, and i always said I'd never become like that 🤣🤣🤣🤣