Billy Eilish at Glastonbury

BBC have the biggest 5 stages streaming live from start to finish. That’s not shyte.

Shame the acoustic stage isn’t added to this list but it’s pretty comprehensive.

There will be 90 full set’s available after the event too. So you can catch up anything you miss. Hopefully something from acoustic stage will be available then.

Great coverage.
I just found the whole iPlayer experience clunky, with the catch up stuff hit and miss. Just my opinion. A bit sterile.
Exactly what more can the beeb really do they have basically given you the full sets for all 5 key stages for “free”. Plus the best of the rest will be shown.

It has been excellent. Some is even in 4K

Some people just like to moan
Not moaning at all. Just making a point that I, personally, find the iPlayer coverage a bit sh*t. Doesn't affect my life in any way, not dwelling on it, watched most of it over the weekend, will be doing this afty.