Billy Eilish at Glastonbury

Music is subjective, so some acts not for everyone. Personally, thought it was a bit "meh" yesterday. The BBC coverage is shyte so limited to catching bits from bands I like.
Billy Eilish? Not my cup of tea, but she and the crowd looked like they had a good time so job done👍
You know you can stream live from any of 4 stages on I player from 14.00?
In fairness to the good folk of fmttm there was a thread earlier on in the week where presumably mostly middle aged men were raving about the new Harry Styles album 😂

So might be a more open minded group when it comes to music than we give ourselves credit for.
Hang on I was one of those but - don’t call me middle aged
I’m frickin auld

Saturday at Glasto is all about Black Midi and Big Thief for me
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I'll be giving kendrick lamarr a miss on Sunday to..hoping iplayer will have pet shop boys on at the same time
You'll be missing what promises to be a superb show. Kendrick speaks facts, eloquently and to the point.
Really?? WL set came across flat as fook on telly
I put them on as I’d heard good stuff but must agree it felt completely flat on tv.

Saying that I’ve been to festivals and seen bands and thought they sounded amazing when I was in the crowd, watched the exact same set back on tv later and thought it sounded terrible and the crowd dead.
I quite enjoy her stuff. She dares to be different and that means she won’t be for everyone.

She’s a 20 year old kid headlining Friday night at Glastonbury, regardless of what us middle aged blokes on our sofas think of her, clearly she has a massive fan base (just maybe we aren’t her target demographic!)
I'm not sure it's about 'being different', I think it's more a lack of melody and intelligible lyrics that people are finding find.

I like to give young peoples music a go, but was a bit bored, didn't find her to have any real discernable talent. Prefered Phoebe Bridges of the youngsters generation