England v USA

I seem to remember a lot of the same comments after the Scotland game last year and no one remembers that when we look back on what England achieved in that tournament.

Group stage is the group stage, yeah they didn’t play well but at the end of the day we’re in charge of the group and looking good for qualification.

You only need to look at how other big teams have faired so far at this tournament to see you aren’t guaranteed to play well every game.

Calm heads are needed.
Look you were all salivating about Jude Bellingham. He was *****. Sometimes the problems in the game are a little bigger than just bringing on an attacking midfielder.
Southgate is in denial. Deluded idiot.

He’s also the only manager in my living memory that’s got you to a final. Barring a 4 - 0 loss to Wales, you’re in the next round.

The entitlement of the English is exactly why they’re the America of Europe.
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Yes I was and I’d be building the side around Bellingham and foden for the next ten years

not on mount and rice

Bellingham did **** all tonight. Which was predictable given the media jizzathon over him beforehand.

English players always look better than they are because they’re surrounded by gifted foreigners.

Nonsense like this ***** me off.

Kane and Sterling were brilliant against Iran, by and large the whole team was, but it's straight to blaming it on favouritism as soon we don't win.

I think Mount should have came off for Foden too, but it's daft to complaint about the same 11 starting tonight, unless you're worried about injuries.
He had no options whenever he got the ball, Bellingham was not the issue today.
Yes, the whole of the midfield was poor. There were massive gaps. No pressing. The point is one player on his own doesnt solve all that. If we play badly it's either foden/Bellingham/grealish should play. Overly simplistic.
Everyone's on the Bellingham bandwagon, he plays *****, so everyone's on the foden bandwagon.
The Henderson sub was the right one, but the front 3 needed changing as well to freshen things up. Kane looks knackered and like he’s carrying an injury, why not give Wilson a run out cos even if it goes wrong we have a second chance on Tuesday.

Qualification is now secure but top spot isn’t so we’ll still have play a strong team to ensure we finish top.

Wales have to come at us as they need to win so that should suit us and we can look like world beaters again