Heating On

It’s a warm 22 degrees in our home at the mo, no heating on.

I refuse to put the heating on for more than 1 hour a day before xmas.
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First day of condensation on the windows this morning so the weather has deffo turned.

Firing up the heating at the weekend and then we`ll set it to a constant 18 degrees in the house.

Hoping it`s a mild winter for everyone so the costs are reduced
Heating on the first time this morning. 12 October, not bad , normally mid September'ish.
It's mainly for the wife, I would have held out, but I'm not brave enough to argue, the collateral damage could be just too great.
People wear shorts all year round these days mind, shorts and a coat, I can’t work out that combo, are they hot or cold?

Im one of them, often I can be found walking my dogs in autumn and winter wearing shorts but wearing a long sleeved fleece and a beanie hat. I just like to feel air on my legs and I don’t feel the cold on them.
Had it on for about 40 minutes this morning. If it gets colder might put it on for a full hour to keep the missus happy.