Labour Party exposee


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This is why there will be a Tory government for the next 20 years.

Tories will vote for any rotting corpse as leader, whilst the your average Labour supporter wont vote if the Labour party leader isnt their particular flavour of left wing.

Have you watched the show?

Because individuals in the Labour Party clearly have massive problems with the left. If you treat people who are left like they don’t belong in the party don’t be surprised if people take the hint and move on or don’t vote for the party.

And the individuals in the show appear to have also behaved in a way that many people of Muslim or black heritage will likely question if the Labour Party is something they can vote for as well

Also who is going to join the Labour Party now? 🤷🏻‍♂️ The right clearly has almost full control but wants the few remaining lefties got rid of 🤷🏻‍♂️

That’s 2 sections of a voter base they have likely angered 👍

There’s clearly been a Westminster agenda that includes our media that has potentially worked to change the outcome of our democratic process in how we are governed

Put it this way all the things people have moaned for 9 months about press cronyism and cover ups and influential lobby groups and smear campaigns and lies and our politics being corrupt and full of nasty unscrupulous individuals and racists but on this occasion the argument is let’s ignore the allegations?

Corbyn was accused of not dealing with internal allegations but Starmer should ignore this?


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I havent watched it and I dont intend to watch it.

I am not a Labour party supporter by any measure, but I will vote for them in a heart beat if it means an end to this living hell of a Tory government.

The good of the country over the good of the individual.

look at how the Labour party is doing the Tories job for them by tearing themselves apart, destabilising themselves and effectively making them unelectable to even their own party members, let alone a big chunk of centrists who could vote ether way..

The 1922 committee must be pi$$ing themselves laughing at the shambles. The Tories dont need to defeat the left and the Labour party, they just need to defeat whichever 10% of the Labour party and the left decide to vote.


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The majority of voters will prefer Tory or Labour or more accurately right wing vs left wing (neither of those are dirty words by the way, extremism is a problem but being left or right is perfectly legitimate). The number of people who are bang in the middle and would flip-flop between the 2 is relatively low. Parties do well at elections when they get all of their side to vote for them, not necessarily when they win votes from the opposition. When Tory voters aren't happy with the Tories they don't vote Labour, they just don't vote or they might vote Lib Dem or someone else "harmless" in their constituency like an independent. When Labour voters aren't happy they don't vote Tory, they vote Green, some local socialist party, Lib Dem or Independent or they don't vote. A huge % of voters will vote for the same party whatever. I think leaders think that % is bigger than it is so think they can get away with more than they can.

Surely for Labour it makes most sense to try to win all of the left by being somewhere between Extreme Left and Centre Left. Move too far left and the centre left stop voting Labour, too centrist and the left stop. You can't ignore one side and just expect them to vote for you. Centre-right policies is suicide for the centre-left just like communist policies would be for the left.

The Tories have less of a problem with losing votes because there aren't as many other options on the right. It's either Tory or don't vote. The key to winning an election for Labour though is getting turnout up for left-wing voters and convincing them to vote Labour, not one of the other left-wing options. My guess is turnout will be lower than recent elections at the next election because a lot of Tories don't vote.

Politics doesn't work if people vote against the party they want to lose. You might get a change of leader but nobody gets what they want. It legitimises policies people don't agree with. Look at how many people trot out nonsense like "left-wing manifestos have been rejected". Labour didn't win under Corbyn but his policies were extremely popular, and would be beneficial for far more people in the country. Corbyn's manifest wasn't rejected, Corbyn was rejected and Labour's Brexit position was rejected.

You should be voting for the party that best represents your views. We only get one chance every few years to indicate what we all want. If we are all playing around and voting tactically then that indication is wrong. If Starmer wants everyone on the left to vote for him then he needs to include them, not exclude them. He needs to include policies that they want other wise he'll find himself winning some swing voters but losing his base and ending up no better off.