Marc Bola charged for comments made when he was 14 on social media


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This is stupid, he was a kid! Who's decision was it to investigate it? The second it was ckearbthey where made when he was a kid that should have been the end of it. No need to drag his name through the mud now, if it had been as an adult then yes, shame him. But we all said and did things as a kid, mostly through ignorance and lack of world experience. You can't retrospectively punish people like this.


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The action by the FA in this instance, reflects badly on them, much more than it does on Marc Bola, who was a child at the time of the supposed “offence”, and a stand has to be made on this by everyone involved in football. It really is pathetic.
Agreed. Someone at the FA needs to be charged for bringing the game into disrepute with this charge.


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One post about your woke obsession is sufficient. We get it. You are oppressed by it. Before you heard of woke, which sounds like you don't know what it means, was political correctness gone mad blamed? Probably.

As for the main content of the opening post, without speaking like a tent-a-gob RCP/Spiked charlatan, what Bola said as a 14 year old shouldn't be used against him as an adult. If he said it 4 years ago, FA may have grounds as he is no longer a silly teenager taunting people. Although I didn't use racist remarks at 14, I did make homophobic ones. But I learned. Finding out about Section 28 and musicians and writers I liked were gay helped me. As did my hippy mother who told me why it was wrong, like she did about causal racist terms I used when my family lived in Middlesbrough before we moved to London just as I turned 14 in1987. Such a change helped when my brother came out as gay himself later.
Excellent post mate.


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Who's sad enough to read last week's social media posts let alone trawl through years worth looking for something to be offended at.


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Apparently we have another new gender we can identify as now, it’s called librafluid!!!! Which is when you wake up as either a male/female but feel a little bit feminine/masculine for a little bit that day, then you can identify yourself as Librafluid, wtf no wonder kids are so confused these days, it’s actually quite worrying 🤦‍♂️


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Didn’t Ollie Robinson get off and the keeper who did the Hitler/nazi salute - his defence being he was rubbing his nose and waving at his mate. So bsurely there’s hope for Marc Bola…unless there’s something I’m missing 🤔


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Yes must do.

this really is pathetic isn’t it.
I understand that it's the FA and not the police involved in this farce.

Nonetheless, here in Oz, serious youth crime is at an all time high.
Almost daily, kids have been caught stealing cars, ram raiding, bashings, stabbings, break and enter, I could go on and on.

Only recently three kids, one as young as twelve stole a car and broke into the home of an ex Australian rugby union international players house in the
middle of the night and were confronted by the player and family members.
These so called " kids " were armed with an axe, machete and knife and didn't hesitate to stab the player and members of his family. It was sheer luck that
the wounds weren't fatal.

The kids were caught and sure enough, their faces on TV were blocked out and their names supressed.

And yet, we have a young man who posted something offensive when he was fourteen and has been named and shamed in the worlds press.

I know who I would name and shame if I had a say in such matters.


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Unfortunately this is the embarrassingly pathetic apologist culture which now abounds and seems to be getting worse……

Some individual who is desperate to find something which could be offensive has found this and shared it with the FA who will be terrified of being criticised and possibly cancelled so they have reacted in this way.

He was 14 FFS.

What are we becoming……..

I really wish people felt able to ‘grow a pair ‘ and stand up to this nonsense.


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His response should be “I was 14, not a professional footballer and do not agree with that now. Haven’t you got anything better to do than trawl through children’s social media accounts you perverts”


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This sounds utterly ridiculous to me. How can you investigate someone for something they said years ago. When they were a child?

Jesus I but we've all said things in our youth that we look back on and think "nah mate, shut up" now we are adults.

It smacks of the FA not being able to fix a problem so picking easy targets so it can pretend to be fixing the problem.


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14 FFS... religion was / is used to brainwash / indoctrinate the young for millennia now it seems the masses will be audited for every word they type for their entire lives… pathetic…

At 14 I’d expect a good few misplaced words & incidents… ask him what he thinks now, if his attitudes still the same then fair enough some exposure to alternate views is needed..