Match Day Public Transport Problems


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I mentioned recently how the express bus service to Newcastle is now far slower, with more stops.
I also heard on Saturday how National Express and Megabus have cut some Saturday evening services from Middlesbrough this season all making it harder for people to travel by public transport to watch Boro.
I wondered if anyone else has experienced more problems this season watching the Boro by public transport. We obviously know the ongoing train issues with the strikes but also service cuts in many areas. It seems bus operators are not filling the gaps but also cutting back. So, do any of you find it harder to watch Boro home and away by public transport?


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Yes definitely. My car has done loads more miles this season. I know a lad who has missed 3 home games due to very late train cancellations.


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Absolute nightmare.

I get the National Express coach up from Liverpool because it's more reliable than TransPenineExpress, but it means leaving home at 7:45am.

I have to get the train back because there's no coach option in the afternoon/evening. Every time, without fail, something is cancelled. It's often manageable (e.g. just change plans and go via Darlington) but there's sometimes an hour or so sat on a platform somewhere.

There have been a few games this season and last where I had a match ticket but didn't attend because of delays and cancellations.

Away games are much less of a hassle, either because I can get the coach both ways, or I don't have to risk TPE trains.

Train ticket prices are a disgrace too, thanks to the lack of availability of advance fares. Last season I'd spend about £45 on a return to Middlesbrough; this season it's more like £70. At least I usually get a chunk back on Delay Repay.

I'm finally starting driving lessons after trying to avoid it all my life, because there is simply no alternative now.


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Thankfully travel by car to home games.
The trains to away games however,have been horrendous post pandemic.
Don't think we've had one smooth trip.
A catalogue of cancellations, delays and massively overcrowded trains.
And we pay a small fortune for the privilege, even with a Railcard.


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It's a shame that the public transport doesn't get close to the stadium and that those using privately organised mass transport aren't given priority to get away after games.
The priority is to clear the area of pedestrians and then away fans. I suppose that is the same safety procedure at most grounds,
But we are lucky to have a railway station only 10/15 minute walk away - much closer than Ayresome Park.
Supporters Forum brings up park and ride as a constant with the football club. The last scheme was scuppered at the 11th hour by a business lodging a complaint to Redcar and Cleveland Council where the car parking was. It was so late in the day that Boro were already contacting printers for the tickets.

The Ruthsayer

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Living in a small village in North Yorks I can get to the train station in about 1 hour and 20 minutes if all goes well. Zero chance of getting back.
The drive is about 25 minutes. I’d guess the same for all villages near me.


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How many home fans use the train?

When I've used Middlesrough station it's fairly empty compared to the bus station, not for a game since the 70's. There are few stations across Teesside and those that I know haven't an adjoining bus station which seems common when abroad, even in the smallest towns


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On a Saturday afternoon, the 6-carriage 1720 TPE towards Manchester usually fills all seats with a few people standing, but clears out by York. There's a 2-carriage Northern a few minutes later to Darlington that is usually absolutely rammed. Get either of those services one hour later and they're pretty quiet.
Yarm station is fairly busy on match days with fans heading into town on the hourly trains from lunchtime and there a good number who travel through from Northallerton too. As clay says the train back is pretty full.
Transpennine trains getting cancelled at short notice means trying to get to Eaglescliffe station, getting a taxi or I have the option of driving. There is no quick direct bus service to Boro.
Yarm Reds do run a great coach from the Golden Jubilee but sometimes its nice to be 'free-range'.
My personal preference is to get the train so I can have a few pints in town and grab some food. Its local businesses that miss out if everyone just drove in plus its not very environmentally friendly either. Problem is the only people who can ensure a reliable train service are the train operator and the transport minister!