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Please post only once on this thread to give as many people as possible an opportunity.
Ask one question or two at a push if linked.
I will then collate the questions and ask them to Jo-Ann Swinnerton - Head of Retail and Lee Fryett Chief Commercial Officer - of Middlesbrough FC.
Can they please improve their website/teams ability to cope with spikes in demand?

During the release of the 94-95 shirts last year, which sold out, the website was allowing orders to go through, and payment details given (though without actually taking payment), for orders that were never processed. They then didn't bother to contact those with processed but 'incomplete' orders to explain the situation.

Seemed like they weren't expecting the popularity for that release, and I understand it must be hard to predict, but to be honest it's put me off ordering from there.
The merchandise in store is very low quality. We also seem to lack stock of design basics that will never change from one season to the next. For example, a good quality plain red/white bar scarf and bobble hat, maybe wool rather than acrylic. I must have visited the club shop six or more times this season, each time with the intention of buying "something" and there was nothing to tempt me. My family couldn't find anything to buy me for Christmas or my birthday. Why don't we sell some of Mackenzie Thorpe's stuff that he sells in his gallery in Richmond?
Would the club pay for someone from the commercial and merchandising side to visit Borussia Mönchengladbach to see their club shop and merchandise set up? It is dreamy.

There has to be a question on delivery fees.

You can re-word the following into a single question.

Is the £6 delivery fee simply profiteering or are we actually trying to disincetivise online shopping? They say "For UK standard delivery we use a Royal Mail Tracked 48." which is less than £3 for a 2kg parcel so why is it £6? Also in relation to that why does it get more expensive when you buy more and not less expensive? Why if we are using Royal Mail 48 are we charging double what they are charging the club? Why does it cost more for just the shipping to ship internationally (£13 EU, £15 worldwide) than it would for me purchase a full kit from China including shipping.

Why do we have issues with kit supply year after year? Every year we see the same issues with the kit selling out and then there being nothing available for months - this is particularly an issue in the run up to Christmas.

The lack of full kits available for kids is also an issue - for long periods of time there's no availability of matching items - eg. both the home shirt and the home shorts.
I know I've already asked a question but why do we charge more for a kids shirt than we do an adult shirt? There is no VAT on kids kits so the club are not actually giving a discount for kids, they are just not charging VAT. They actually cost 67p more.

Why did the club switch from Hummel to Errea? At least under Hummel the kits were usually in stock (and were much better quality.)

Now we're paying just as much for an inferior quality product, and that's assuming you can get hold of a shirt in the first place.

Don't even get me started on the disgusting prices for kid's shirts, too.
Do Errea not have the capability of producing merchandise of a size that can be them matched to a "standard" UK size? I bought an Errea hoody after Xmas and it is XXXL - and nothing to do with putting a bit of timber on over Xmas. Honest.......

But if I'd had to buy online (usual size XL) I'd have spent £18 on postage, plus returns just to get the right (!?!?) size.

Do Errea not look at UK sizing? 🤷🏻‍♂️
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