The Boat Race(s)

People watch it.

I seem to recall the tv event taking up far more time in the 80s and 90s. I don't object to the minimal coverage it receives now
I’ve never understood the appeal of it. Two teams/places I have no affinity with, I know none of the people involved. The sport itself isn’t especially great for spectators. I’d happily see it canned from a broadcasting perspective.
I used to love wandering down to watch the boat race. It's a great atmosphere on the river.

It seems to get less and less coverage these days though. Glad it's still on the BBC
It is said around 1/4 million people descend to the banks of the Thames and around 7 million apparently watch it on TV. I would say it is pretty popular because it is a once a year race, of the alumni i know from each uni, they all watch it whether they are 21 or 81.

I never went to either uni, but have always had an affinity with Cambridge, for reasons even I don’t quite know, but it is a tradition I look forward to, it is a few minutes a year only, it is good for the economy as it brings people out who will spend money in shops, cafes and bars etc. There are lots of channels to watch nowadays and it is an easy enough event to avoid. I find it hard to understand why people would object to it being televised or considered newsworthy 🤷‍♂️