The clubs relations with ex players

Didn't Branca take us to court for what he perceived to be our medical team effectively ending his career?
Yes it was a quite acrimonious legal battle and quite bitter, marco of course went on to become sporting director of inter and one of the most power football brokers in Europe.
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Branca sued Boro for loss of earnings and won the case after he resumed his career with Italian Serie B side Monza.

I remember it was an ugly situation but I couldn’t remember FIFA suing us though

“Branca reportedly received support from FIFA who, apparently ruled that Middlesbrough had “acted unlawfully” in nullifying his contract. Amid reports suggesting that FIFA had ordered Middlesbrough to pay up – or face the possibility of being ejected from all competitions next season, the club stated they were in discussions with the world governing body. The club’s official website reported at the time a club spokesman stating “We are in discussions with FIFA in order to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.” Dave Allen underscored the club’s position. “We have always had and continue to have 100% support from both the FA and the Premier League over this matter.” He would also say that “At all times we have only acted in the best interests of Marco Branca and his long-term health and welfare, taking into account the medical evidence and the advice of two orthopaedic surgeons.”
Works two ways. Either ex-communicated or given a job. The majority of people we employ seem to be ex-players.

All these references of "senior management" are just the one bloke at the top though aren't they? Maybe anyone that isn't happy have said something negative at some point and Gibson hasn't liked it. It doesn't appear that he likes his judgement to be questioned.
Well there's a few but the culture comes from teh top down and I feel that Gibson's too hard nosed, petty and cold sometimes.......and I say this as someone that was accused of actually being Gibson last week :ROFLMAO:
Well there's a few but the culture comes from teh top down and I feel that Gibson's too hard nosed, petty and cold sometimes.......and I say this as someone that was accused of actually being Gibson last week :ROFLMAO:
Covering your tracks eh Gibbo? Clever. Very clever. (Taps nose and winks)
Bryan Robson alludes to being pretty ***ed off with the club when he left too, due to treatment.
I’ve watched the Robbo documentary, apparently he heard in the media he was being let go.

We were also pretty classless the way we shifted out Warnock, though he wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea he did save us in a pretty tricky time.
didn't Schwarzer say that after 10 years of blood, sweat and tears for the club he was effectively ignored by upper management as he left, and then 3 or 4 months after he left he received a cold computer printed thank you for your service letter.

Sounds a bit of bitterness from senior management towards him, which is silly as he had 10 solid years, played in nearly all our biggest games ever
None of my former employers have blown smoke up my **** after I left. Is this just another example of the footballer as manchild?
There was a similar thread like this a while ago as a few podcasts had been doing the rounds with several ex players over a number of years critical of their treatment by the club. Viduka was another that had a gripe, on Schwarzer’s old podcast if I recall.

It’s hard to know the true events without both sides, but it’s not pleasant to hear as a fan.
Doesn't make it alright. Good people management is when you bring people on a journey with you, rather than working them into the ground then expecting gratitude when you give them the cold shoulder. I look at the likes of Brighton, Villa, etc, who celebrate the successes of talents who've gone onto great things rather than begrudging their success. Makes you a way more attractive prospect to players who want to be successful if you make it clear that you won't perceive ambition negatively.
He 'played' football. He wasn't worked into the ground.

Was he really treat that badly at Boro, or were his expectations higher than our manager considered reasonable?

Every club has players with a gripe but you'd have to hear both sides of the story to make a judgement.