Who has owned a Ford Capri ?

I bet someone has one stashed in an old barn or lock up. A 'classic' Ford.

Last year a near mint condition Sierra cosworth 'turned up' in an estate lock up. It had been untouched since 1991 and only done 11000k. Madness😂
Had a 3.0S in the eighties.... bought it just before the much much much much better 2.8i came out.... story of my life really 😞
I didn't own one but my dad did.

After passing my test in the summer of 78 I used to drive my mothers mini but in early 79 some idiot tried to overtake me when I was turning right off Church Lane in Eston.

The car was a right-off & her insurance refused to allow me to drive her new car so I was forced to use my dad's Capri S. Obviously I was gutted.
Already is a classic. They go for silly money, as do most 80's hot hatches. I saw a Vauxhall Nova SR 1.3, B'reg going for 45k a few months ago.
I had a MK1 GTXLR in the early 80s. That was a great car 1.6 engine, quite nippy, unfortunately somebody smashed into me and wrote the thing off. I then got myself a MK2 1.6 L, again I loved the car
although its road holding left a bit to be desired. I had to be sensible when our firstborn came along so I got rid of it and bought a Cortina 2000E 4 door! That was another great car but a real gas guzzler.
My mate used to have one, I’ve now had to tell him he was a right cult. I bought an Opel Manta in the early 80’s, preferred it tbh, although looking at them now, the Capri was maybe cooler.
I had a T reg Mk3, 1.6. The first of the mk 3's. Loved it, even though it was not very powerful. The engine eventually died. Me and my Step dad put a new one from a scrap yard in over a weekend, which lasted a few more years. Eventually that engine started to drink a lot of oil, plus the bodywork was becoming difficult to keep under control.

My Step father had a couple of nice Mk 3 2.8i. They were really fun to drive.
Also, they were great for installing a massive set of speakers and a powerful car stereo, due to the boot design.
I had a Mk2 1.6 GT Ford Capri - I thought I was the dogs bollox until the snow came and the back end would skid everywhere.
I had a T reg. 2.0 S with the S down the sides of the car. Lovely car that turned heads in its time