Wilder says Boro wont be bullied over Spence deal


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So Spence becomes a bench warmer waiting for his chance, he will obviously be second fiddle to Jones, maybe an impact sub coming on in 70 mins in games?


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This is what happens in the transfer window. Newcastle are apparently reluctant to meet the price for some French striker know one has heard off and money not really an issue for them.

We need to get rid of Spence, I have nothing against him personally, but he wants to be away hopefully a compromise will be agreed.

At that price Coventry would only be able to sell Gyokeres into the premier league or abroad. Any real sale price may well be much lower.

So far it looks like a good, well planned transfer window hopefully it will continue to be.


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“Quoted £20-£25 million for a forward playing in the championship”

Has to be Gyokeres surely?
If that’s the case there‘s no chance we’ll be signing him. But surely Coventry aren’t in a position to be turning down £8m-£10m, which is probably closer to his true value.

I can’t think who else it could be, unless Sheff Utd still think Brewster is worth what they paid?


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For a young player, there is always a lot of hassle surrounding Spence isn’t there?

Rejected by two very respected clubs in Fulham and Boro, he single handedly dragged Forest (according to their fans) into the premier league and now his dream transfer to Spurs is bogged down in an argument about what he is worth so, if he goes there, it has already started badly.

If it goes on like this I might start feeling sorry for him…


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Wilder's tough talk is all guff, we aren't in a strong position at all. We have a player who is desperate to get away and we are even more desperate to sell, to fund our major summer transfers.


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It will get sorted I'm sure. A lot will depend on how desperate Conte is to get him, and this may put pressure on Levy/Spurs to pay a bit more than they would have liked. They can afford it, its £2-3-4-5m not £40m. Pennies to them
Can't imagine Spurs wanting to start to p*ss Conte off so hopefully this puts us in a decent bargaining position.


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Matty Cash went for 16mil. The large majority of forest fans say Spence is better.

So it's not a ridiculous price. I'd say the going rate for a bright young English player in the champo is in excess of 15mil. That's irrelevant of whether they have played in the prem.

It's the figures we'd be looking for Fry or Tav. The fact Spence is English and 'home grown' adds a few quid for squad numbers.


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It all depends on the player, Wilder may have the people skills lacked by Warnock, Spence may decide to spend another season here, in which case all of a sudden we have a £15m player on the books this promotion push.