Mr Preston is standing again!

All sounds very far fetched to me!

What did you mate tell you, just that he’s busy with building a penny arcade in CC square? Which vacant unit will it be in?
So what is your mate actually developing now though?? As far as I know level x is open and the only current developments are the bars / restaurants.

I’d be genuinely interested to know, as it sounds like another positive!
In that case, please stop posting your drivel.
It's the way of the troll isn't it? He's said a lot of weird things here without saying anything at all so he can be cowardly and say "oh I didn't say that" Whilst insinuating a whole bunch of nasty things. Trolls be trolling
I no longer live in Middlesbrough, Amanda Coates looks after my towns fortunes but I for one would love to see Andy Preston out on his ear.

The town deserves somebody who will actually look after it’s fortunes and not some self appreciating bully boy.