Steffen: Keep or Dump?

Had a shaky start but it became obvious early doors under Carrick that he was going to be perfect for the way Carrick's wanted us to play. He's confident almost to the point of being arrogant on the pitch but personally I love it.

Would love to have him back here for another season at least.
Yeah, I’ve thought he's been a good find for this season. I’ve not been quiet in my support for the lad and have always publically backed and defended him where I could.

He’s has a season with us and would only get stronger going on.

If we do get anyone new, they’d have some really big boots to fill and I’d hope they got to speed with our style soon (not saying it can’t happen) but I’d prefer if we didn’t rock the boat to a great side too much.

Pull out all the stops to get him back please Carrick et al.
Keep for sure, you can see he's talented and he's a big lad. He'll only go on to get better & hopefully with us.
DUMP, very average very expensive keeper who doesn't make many saves, poor positioning and not great on crosses, give our lads a go !
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I very much hope he returns. As said above if he fits perfectly into our style of play and his character is first class as witnessed this week in the aftermath of our crushing disappointment.
Threads like this are great at outing who understands the true art of goalkeeping along with all its aspects and who doesn't.

People are free to apply their own interpretation to what that means 😏
If he's not back next season it won't be because he has been 'dumped'. It will be because we can't afford him or he has been offered a better opportunity at a higher level.

The way we play now relies on a keeper who can play the ball out, not just kick it long or kick it wide to halfway. I would say his catching and shot stopping is above average as well.
I don't like blowing my own trumpet, but last close season when we played Marsielle, I think, in a friendly, I commented "We wiull have some fun with this keeper". His distribution that night was amazing.

Do I win a prize?

According to a number of sites (how accurate 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️) he's on £2.4m year - just over £45k week. The £80k may have included huge bonuses for PL wins, CL win etc etc. So if he's happy here, and is willing to drop down to £1-1.5m year (🙄) and City want a nominal couple of million for him let's try to get a deal done.

If we can't and he and City are happy for a further years loan, okay, that will do.
If we can afford him, keep him 100%. We need a settled first choice keeper and he could be that for the next 7-8 years. He's the best we've had since Randolph and clearly suits the way Carrick wants to play
Despite all the comments regarding Zack, I suppose ultimately it will be down to whether he actually wants to remain at Boro. Personally, I would welcome him back, as it appeared that throughout the season, Alan Fettis had improved his game immensely. I have to admit, however, he can be a bit marmite with our fan base; you either like him or not, as the case may be.
If he wants to stay, and we can make the finances work, then absolutely keep.

He's been vital to us this season.
If he wants to join & it can be worked out financially then fine him staying, best keeper in years..

However other positions are more important, we've a good manager who should be able to recognise a good keeper for us..

Henderson if he'd fancy it, tho think both him & Steffan may be looking at PL club.. or Everton.. (I just think they'll get relegated & Pickford will leave)
I would absolutely love him back he has got better and better. Love his calmness on the ball and the ability with his passing to take 2 or 3 players out of the game and get the momentum moving forwards. Can it be worked out financially would depend on what sort of salary drop he would accept if we throw in a hefty promotion bonus who knows maybe a deal could be sorted.